Friday, 23 March 2007


Thursday: Highlight was the afternoon meeting to discuss whether anyone in Nablus wants to set up an Association to mirror the one in Dundee. Would anyone turn up? Would anyone be interested? With much relief the room filled up and overflowed the table - over 40 people including the three of us from Dundee.

They were keen to strengthen the links between our two cities and everyone seemed to agree that we should add to what the Mayor of Nablus and the Lord Provost of Dundee can do - we want to make direct links between people in Nablus and people in Dundee. As the visiting group, we will be taking back names and contacts here to discuss with contacts in Dundee. We all hope that the Nablus-Dundee Twinning Association (NDTA) will facilitate these links.

An exciting outcome - and my main hope is that Dundee will be able to match the efforts of the Nablusi organisations who we have met here.

In the morning we met the Nablus Youth Council who are bringing together 34 organisations of young people from 18 to 27. Interesting mismatch of terminology because in Dundee we would mostly expect "youth" to mean 18 and under. But terminology should not be an obstacle to contact!

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