Monday, 19 March 2007

Out and about

Monday am, pm: Stopped at Jothour women's centre to see an exhibition of craft. Examples of finely embroidered dresses, baskets and souveniers.

Al Quds Open University teaches throughout Palestine and generates essential costs by charging students. To keep costs low the teaching is minimised. They need a new building so that students with disabilities can attend classes.

At Askar refugee camp we saw how their Rehabilitation Centre is helping children with various difficulties. Their programme for children with Cerebral Palsy covers the whole of Nablus.

Invited to the house of a local family for lunch we ate generously from the amazing range of meat, vegetable, salad, soup and bread.

The Arab Right Supporters children's group demonstrated dabke and explained how their various projects were giving the children of Nablus a voice which they hoped to be heard all over the world through a non-violent approach.

Much to say, but have to rush off to an evening meal with Ala'a and family. Wowee!


Alf said...


Looks like you left just in time. We've had snow, hail, sleet, lightinig, thunder, rain and a splash of sunshine. i love global warming! keep your eyes open for Allan Johhnston.


JJ said...


Sounds like you guys have a jam packed schedual!! Didnt realise that the twinning association had an office in Nablus - thats pretty cool.

Please - no more descriptions of food cause its making me hungry!!

Hope you continue to see everything you went for and that its a useful visit.

Enjoy the sun cause its snowing back here.