Monday, 19 March 2007

Two ears, two eyes, one tongue

Monday am: To the Nablus Municipality to meet the Mayor of Nablus. He received us with warmth and accepted our deliveries of a letter and a gift of a picture of the River Tay and Dundee from the Lord Provost of Dundee (Mr John Letford) .
Mayor of Nablus
In our discussions, Mayor Adli Yaish told us that we are all born with two ears, two eyes but only one tongue. His philosophy, therefore, is to look everywhere and to listen to all sides but to speak only the truth.

We were pleased to bring back to Nablus copies of art by the children of Nablus which had formed part of an exhibition in Dundee. Our Lord Provost was particularly moved by this exhibition because it expressed well the feelings of the children there. As Mayor of Nablus, Mr Yaish explained that he was particularly proud of the improvements he was trying to make for children. "If the streets are damaged I can repair them within two weeks; if our children are damaged the results may last forever".

We also met Raja Taher (Director of International Relations) who was in Dundee just a week ago so brillant to see her again.

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