Sunday, 21 October 2012

Lunch with Shaden's Grandmother

Food just gets better.

Near the centre of Nablus, the house is a charming older property with original features and substantial space which is well used.

From other comments, you won't be surprised to hear that we took particular interest in the embroidery which Shaden's Grandmother had created.

One had a rather strangely attached collage of a flower in the top left hand corner. So we asked why. Turns out that an Israeli bullet came through the window in 2003 and lodged in the framed embroidery. The hole is still visible in the glass (tape marks and hole can be seen in the photo - right hand pane, upper part).

So to the meal which was mostly makloubeh (cauliflower, rice, chick peas, etc. in a pan which is tipped upside down for serving) with Palestinian salads and accompaniments. Delicious.

Even a pudding to follow was delicious - something like filo pastry with a soft white cheese filling, fried and coated in a syrup.

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