Monday, 22 October 2012

Nablus Fire Department

Yet another warm welcome (not a pun) from the Fire Fighters of Nablus. Jamal the Fire Chief came over from the Municipality especially to see us and many other fire fighters gathered round as we admired the fire appliance from Dundee that had been donated by the Fire Brigade Union in Scotland.

They described to us some of the challenges they face - like the very narrow streets in the Old City and the refugee camps - and the challenges they might face - like an earthquake or political instability.

We were amazed that the Fire Appliance from Dundee could not be used because Israel prohibited it. Such control extending so far into Palestinian operations is still quite shocking.

The solution was to purchase a new left hand drive Volvo chassis and transfer the cab, tanks and kit onto it. The Mayor had described signing the cheque for this upgrade. At least it might give the equipment an extended life. But some new hoses are still needed.

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