Saturday, 20 October 2012

Sama Nablus 2009

High up on Mount Ebal the Nablus Municipality have created a wonderful park. It has stunning views over the City of Nablus and hundreds of picnic benches.

It's not just the views, it is so warm that you can come here at night and sit comfortably with your food without any chilling. That's just what we did. Our hosts provided a real feast of food with traditional Palestinian dishes.

The lights of the city grew stronger as the sun sank down below the western fringes of Nablus and was replaced by a waxing crescent moon which rose, turned orange and sank behind Mount Gerazim.

We didn't sample all the local options - mosque, food stalls and toy shops, but we did walk to the caves from where stone was quarried to build the ancient Old City of Nablus. Here we found bats searching for insects and young men smoking shisha (hubble bubble).

Quite frightening to go down the hill which was quite steep in places but we made it safely back to the hotel.

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