Sunday, 21 October 2012

Project Hope

We have worked for a long time with Project Hope but this time we had a very stimulating discussion with Hakkim and others about possible twinning opportunities.

Exciting to have Rami and Rafiq with us because it was through Project Hope that they came to spend 4 months in Dundee (2010-11). Project Hope is working to establish funding for more of these exchanges.

They also need volunteers from Scotland. The minimum stay is 5 weeks but a more realistic period is 3 months for which about £2,000 needs to be raised to support the volunteer. They can contribute with any skills they can offer - such as teaching a language, circus skills, drama and music. There are 17 international volunteers at present with more local ones.

Graphic novels have become an established part of the Project Hope portfolio. The first round was in 2009 since when a second book has been published with a third underway. These provide an expressive medium for young Palestinians to communicate their feelings and experiences in an accessible format. Project Hope provides the training, support and publishing.

And finally, on our way out we met Aiysha who had just arrived from Glasgow so we hope to see more of her in the next couple of weeks.

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