Friday, 19 October 2012

Mayor Adly Yaish

As always, the Mayor of Nablus - Adly Yaish - made us very welcome in his office. He expressed fulsome appreciation of Dundee which was the first city in Europe to twin with Nablus.

He explained the key achievements of his time in office which included better schools, improved water and electricity, creation of parks and economic developments.

When DNTA first me him in 2007, Mayor Yaish explained that because half the people in Nablus are under 18 they are a high priority. When he took office many schools were being used for two shifts (one group of children from 07:30-12:30 and a different group from 13:00-18:00). THis has been eliminated by building more schools so that all children can go to school at the same time.

Similarly, class sizes have been reduced from an average of 47 to an average of 31.

We met a delegation from Turkey who have funded a new girls primary school which is currently under construction.

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