Sunday, 21 October 2012

Woman Programmes Center

Now for some embroidery.

Although the centre does many other things, such as teaching massage and photography, our focus was on embroidery because Alister is keen to explore traditional and modern forms.

What we saw here was astonishing. Neatly and expertly sewn patters looking both traditional and fresh. The women were sitting informally working on purses, bracelets and other products which could be sold in the shop.

We wanted to know how they knew which squares to fill to make the complex designs they created. There were pattern books, no sketches and no markings on the embroidery fabric (aida). When asked, they smiled and said that Allah provided the guidance.

The shop had bright and lively coloured products so we could not resist buying some.

And this is where Clare Pouget Wright worked with the women to produce designs especially for DNTA. The bracelet with Scottish and Palestinian flags set in a traditional matrix has been a popular seller for DNTA members and supporters.

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