Monday, 22 October 2012


Palestinian electricity has been fragmented and inconsistent. NEDCo (the Northern Electricity Distribution Company) has been created to sort this out. Our host here, Mr Yahya Arafat, gave us a tour of the company and explained its objectives.

Electricity was supplied by municipalities, each receiving its supply from the Israel Electricity Company (IEC) but agreed to form a company to take over this role.

So NEDCo started with 94 separate feeds from the IEC, at different voltages and at different prices. They are rationalising this.

More importantly, they are setting far higher standards for transmission and for safety with a substantial emphasis on good customer service. Although only operational for 2 years they have already built new infrastructure, new customer service centres and higher levels of response.

Better still, they have reduced the prices that are charged to customers even though the prices they pay to the IEC have increased. This is achieved through greater efficiency and a more methodical approach to charging customers and following up all losses including non-payment.

The presentation we were given by the General Manager - Eng. Salam Zagha - was very interesting, with an overview of the company. The Board room was full of company directors and managers who then showed us the staff of HQ, the Nablus Branch Office and a local sub-station.

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